Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hawkes Family Reunion, Days 3 and 4

The last part of the reunion turned out wonderful and the weather cooperated! We spent the days boating, tubing and relaxing on the beach.

We (they) were even able to do some cliff diving. I opted to be the photographer - it was a little more excitement than I was ready for. Although, I did go for the craziest tube ride of my life. That;s what i get for agreeing to go with a couple of carefree newlyweds! I still have a bruise the size of both my fists put together to prove it (seriously!).

We stayed on the beach a little longer than planned before heading home on Saturday but we were just having so much fun. It made for a late night, which got even later as we got lost on our way home. I told Shon that the road just didn't look right and lo and behold, a couple seconds later, the road ended....

But in all, it was a wonderful way to end the summer!

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