Funny Moments From the Kids

Kids are so funny; and, so that I don't forget, here are some of the funny things they said and did:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Benson: Dad, can I have some cereal?
Dad: How about I make you lunch instead, it's lunch time?
Benson: Noooo.......I want cereal.
Dad: You always eat cereal, what about when you get to heaven, what will you eat then, are they going to have cereal?
Benson: No
Dad: What will you eat then?
Benson: Dinner

Perhaps dinner time is more heavenly than we first thought?

August 25, 2012

Evan's fork slipped out of his hands for the second time onto the floor.

Evan: Go and get my fork Dad!
Shon: Why should I go get your fork, you are the one that threw it?
Evan:  My hands were slippery!
Shon: Well my hands aren't slippery, why should I be the one to get it?
Evan: If you won't get my fork, then why are you a Dad?

He's right, Dads are here to serve.  I went and got his fork

August 5, 2012

Evan and Benson with their homemade parachutes!  (Walmart grocery bags) They are jumping out of a plane! 

July 19, 2012

Parker: Guess what there is most of on the earth?
Shon: What?
Parker: Ground!

June 13, 2012
Evan while helping Dad make basic roll dough for scones, asked if he could be the one to "hatch" the egg? I let him "hatch" it, but unfortunately it was dead and runny.

May 8th, 2008
Parker, sobbing, came to me and said, "Emma swiped my pictures". A little too much Dora?

May 20th, 2008
When we informed Emma that it was time to go, after visting with Shon's sister Emily and her family, Emma was very upset. When she came upstairs sobbing, Evan said "bebe, bebe" (baby).

June 6th, 2008
Apparently, according to Parker, "gentlemen kill cops". No, we don't promote murder in this home and yes, I talked to him about that afterwards. But hey, its still funny!

June 10th, 2008
While blogging (of course) Emma said, "For crying out loud mom, come and help Evan!"

July 28th, 2008
This conversation happened at dinner tonight
Parker: Evan don't throw food
(Evan throws another piece of food)
Parker: Stop!
Evan: No!
Parker: Do you want me to take you to time out?
Evan: No
Parker: Then don't throw food
Evan: Sorry

December 2nd, 2008
I realized today while singing Jingle Bells with the kids that Evan thinks that song is about his belly button. Everytime someone sings that song, Evan lifts up his shirt and points to his bellly button.

December 2nd, 2008
When the kids and I told Evan to be good because Santa was watching he got this horrified look on his face and ran and hid behind the couch. He wouldn't come out until he was sure Santa wasn't in our house watching him.

August 11, 2009
I told Shon to throw the lettuce away because it had gone bad. Evan, who heard me said, " Mom, you silly, lettuce not go to bed!"

October 12, 2009
I put Evan down for his nap, five minutes later he came in declaring "I took a nap!". "No, Evan" I said, " You need to go back to bed." Then he said, in complete seriousness "Uh huh - I did this" (he then closed his eyes and snored loudly).

October 12, 2009
On our way to have dinner at my moms with Margeret we were explaining to the kids that Margeret was going home the following day and that she took a plane because she lived far, far away. When we pulled up to my moms Parker, looking around said "Where's the airplane?"

December 10, 2009
Evan has the highest voise ever. Tonight he heard it for himself. We have a little hand led mini tape recorder that I recorded him saying "Hello" on. When I played it back, he looked at it for a minute with a strange look on his face. "Am I a girl?", he asked.

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