Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reunion Recap

I know, I know enough about the reunion, but there are a few things that my eyes were opened to this year. I realized what a great family I have! Not that I haven't always loved them and I have so much fun with them, I just have a whole new respect from a few of the things I saw.

My oldest niece, Ellie is such a good, good girl. She is turning 13 in a couple of months and she is everything you could wish for in a teenager. Not only is she beautiful and confident, she is firm in the gospel and loves to do family history work! How great is that! She is the oldest of 5, 4 little brothers and she is a tremendous big sister. They all adore her and you can tell she feels the same. During the reunion, when it was her families turn to go on the raft she stayed back with her littlest brother (1). She came to the beach with us and was completely responsible for him for the entire 5 hours they were gone. I watched her as she comforted him, played with him and was completely motherly to him - she even asked around to find sunblock to put on him. She really impressed me.

Ellie, Brevin (her little bother) and Livy

I watched Shon, in the middle of taking our camp down, which is no easy chore, willing stop everything and go help his sister take her tent down. there was no complaining and I was even more impressed by his selflessness and kindness. I have a great husband!

And finally I watched my sister-in-law, Katie. Her husband came down with a bug partway into the trip. It just happened to be the night they were in charge of dinner. So, she made dinner for 35 people on her own, while taking care of 3 kids, one being just a few months old. Then she cleaned it all up herself, well into the night with just a lantern for light. Then she took care of her husband, put her kids to bed and came back out to the fire to chat. The next morning she got up bright and early and took down her tent, and packed up her car all on her own and then drove 4 hours home, all while her husband slept. During all this, she never complained once. She never murmured or was resentful or bitter. She was happy the entire time. I was so impressed by her.

Me, Emma, Parker and Katie

I have a great family.

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