Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Perspective

Last night I stumbled upon a new blog. It was unbelievable inspiring to me. This poor family has suffered a horrendous tragedy in the last couple of weeks, something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Their 18 month old little girl fell into a canal in Idaho and was found 2 miles down river by a farmer. He did CPR and revived her and they flew her to primary where she fought for a week but joined her father in heaven a couple of night ago.

I can only imagine what this family is going through. I would imagine I would be so angry. But it's only the opposite. They are optimistic and full of faith. I have been going through my own trial lately, incomparable to theirs. But I have been so angry, angry with everyone including my Father in Heaven who I felt wasn't answering promises that were made. Last night when I read how peaceful they are with what has happened, their complete lack of anger towards anyone, I was truly humbled and inspired. I still don't know why what has happened, has happened but I can honestly say that I am not angry anymore. And that's a lot more than I have been able to say in a long time.

Read more about their story here

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