Saturday, July 17, 2010

Parker's Birthday Hike

We finished off Parker's birthday with a hike to bridal veil falls. He loved it so much last week that he chose to do it again on his birthday. We let him invite 3 friends and their families. We ate pizza, opened a few presents and had baseball cupcakes. Then we hiked up to the falls and the kids had a great time exploring the rocks and walking through the water.

Park and Jack

As we were walking down the mountain, Parker said, "Mom, I had a really good birthday this year!" That does my heart good, I tell ya. It's moments like those that make it all worth it.

He later said, "Do I look any older?" I said, "Ya, you look like a 6 year old now! Do you feel any older?" Silence for a minute, then, "No, I just feel like a bear." Funny, funny boy!

We are so happy you decided to join our family 6 years ago, Park. You are our sweet, sensitive cuddle bug. Out of all the kids you are definitely most like your mama and I love the little man you are turning out to be. Happy 6th birthday, we all love you so much!

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