Monday, November 23, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

For some reason, this year Thanksgiving seams to have more of an impact on my thoughts. Yesterday in Sacrament meeting a wonderful talk was given. We have all hear the phrase 'an attitude of gratitude', but this talk took it to a whole new meaning for me. She spoke of an unknown author who listed things that he was grateful for like:

"I am grateful that I have a kitchen full of dishes to do after Thanksgiving dinner, because that means I was surrounded by the people who I love."

"I am grateful that I have high electrical bills because that means I am warm."

"I am grateful I have yard work to do, because that means I have a home."

"I am grateful that I have loads of laundry to do, because that mean I have loved ones to take care of."

The sister then asked, "Do you see how attitude makes all the difference in gratitude?"

I have thought a lot about this today and have added a few of my own. I am grateful that there is always a mess to clean up because that means that my children play together well and love each other. I am grateful that dishes are always piling up because that means we have food to eat. I am grateful that my children tend to interrupt me every time I pick up the phone, because that means they still want to talk to me.

As an added Thanksgiving tribute - here is a wonderful article.

Thanksgiving, more than just a speed bump to Christmas

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