Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Emma's First Paino Recital!

So it all began tonight at about 5:00. I got home from a nice run and told Shon I was going to run to the grocery store to pick a few last things for Thanksgiving and dinner. I took Bens and Ev and at a leisurely pace, was searching through the movies at Red Box. At 5:45 I get a call from Shon?

Shon: What day is Emma's recital?
Me: Tomorrow
Shon: I have the invitation right here and it says the 24th
Me: What's today?
Shon: The 24th
Me: Are you sure?
Shon: Pretty sure, yes its the 24th.
Me: Go look at the calender. (Do you like how I don't trust his word alone?)
Shon: Yep its the 24th

So I frantically call her teacher, who is on the way to the recital. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Keep in mind, its now about 5 min to 6, and the recital starts at 6:30, in Orem, 40 minutes away. But after racing home, getting everyone dressed and hair done in the car (remember I had just run), we walked in at 6:30. We made it! I was able to calm down and watch my little girl beautifully play her songs perfectly (well as calm as I could trying to keep 3 little boys quite for an hour and a half).

She did wonderful! We are so proud of her! She was so confident! She played three songs, her favorite was God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, which was a duet with her teacher. Way to go Em, we love you!

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