Sunday, November 22, 2009

GC Recap #8 - Blessings of the Gospel Available to All

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday I chose Elder Joseph W. Sitati's (Of the Seventy's) talk. He says, " I am grateful for the keys of revelation in this last dispensation...The love of our Father in Heaven has been evident as the way has been opened for all living and dead of every nation, now and in the future, to receive exaltation in His presence, according to the exercise of their agency."

After retelling the stories of the scriptures as to how the gospel has spread to all nations, he says, "I have seen the good fruit of the gospel blossom in my home continent of Africa. After just 30 years, there are 300,000 Saints. In the doctrines and principles of the restored gospel, many are finding a sure anchor for their faith. Families uprooted from their rural communities in search of a better future in the towns and cities have found a new way to hold on to the strong family traditions which have come progressively under attack in this era of globalization."

One of the things I especially grateful this holiday season is the the gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ. I was blessed to be born in this church. This is what I have always known. But, this does not make my faith or conviction any less. I know that I am so, so blessed to have the gospel in my life. The comfort and assurances of the spirit that this is true are something that I have felt my whole life, and they are undeniable.

This is His church. He has brought the fullness of the gospel back to the earth and I am blessed to enjoy those blessing from it. He watches over me and for this, I am especially grateful this Thanksgiving.

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