Sunday, October 11, 2009

GC Recap Week 2 - President Monson's Closing Remarks

It seems that most times, at least for myself anyway, that the General Conference addresses are easily forgotten. Within those two days, we are spiritually uplifted with so many inspiring messages that it is hard to remember each one. For this reason, I have decided to make Sundays dedicated to one of the General Conference addresses that were just given.

In the closing remarks President Monson said, "We remind you that the messages we have heard during this conference will be printed in the November issues of the Ensign and Liahona magazines. As we read and study them, we will be additionally taught and inspired. May we incorporate into our daily lives the truths found therein."

This weekend in our stake we had stake conference. Three times, two in the adult session and one in the general meeting this was quoted (also from the closing remarks of President Monson)...

"We are one with you in moving forward this marvelous work. I testify to you that we are all in this together and that every man, woman, and child has a part to play. May God give us the strength and the ability and the determination to play our part well."

The stake Relief Society president gave a wonderful talk in the adult session. She quoted this talk and went on to speak more about working together. She spoke of our differences becoming strengths as we use them to benefit others and to make up in areas we are lacking in. These last two days I have been thinking a lot of this. It is so easy to criticize others, whether in family, callings, friendships etc... It is easy to speak of others and the faults that they have, or at least those things we think are faults. But in hearing this, I realized that these things may not be faults after all. Yes, they are different than I would usually do things, but what can I take from them? How can I make those things into something that I can benefit from?

We are all different for a reason. Our families, friendships and the gospel would not function if everyone of us were the same. We need the differences. Maybe these differences seem irritable at times, but I am determined to see the good in these differences. My goal for this week? To speak kindly of everyone. To utter only uplifting words. To speak no gossip.

I can do it, and I know if I will, not only my life, but the lives of those I hold closest, will be blessed.

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