Monday, October 12, 2009


I am consistently amazed at all the perfect qualities that children have. I find that if I open my eyes and ears to their desires, wishes and simple acts, I am taught so much on a regular basis.

We are taught that giving is much better than receiving. I believe this is inwardly a part of us from the time of our birth. This is evident when you watch children's excitement about giving to others. I have seen it at Christmas, at birthdays, at births, and I saw it tonight.

A few nights ago our family was "Boo'd" with a wonderful bowl of treats and activities for the kids. As Emma read the paper and discovered that we then needed to pass the Boo on, she was ecstatic. What made it even better to them all was that it was done secretly. It was so touching to see such a small thing excite them so much. It was obvious that tonight, giving was better than receiving.

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