Friday, September 25, 2009

There is a power that comes from the book......

This is posted by Shon

Okay, I can't believe this is happening. I am not a blogger nor have I ever blogged and really blogging is not my thing, and blog is just a wierd word anyway. It sounds more like a sound than an actual word.
Anyways, I don't even know how I could ever write how wonderful the Lord has been in my life and the life of my wonderful family. I will ever be grateful for what the Lord has given me.
I have come to realize over the past 3 days the power and the reality that Book of Mormon has in my life.
I had a chance to listen to Coach Larry Gelwix (Highland Rugby - Forever Strong) speak a couple weeks ago. He said that the best time to teach young men is when they are physically exhuasted. I decided to try this out on me. I wondered if I could be more receptive to what Heavenly Father was trying to say to me if I was physically tired. I started running one night and then started sprinting towards the end of my run. When I felt like I could run no more, I stopped and rested and then knelt down and asked for guidance and instruction. There was no great light or angel that appeared, but there was distinct feelings of what I needed to do to bring the power of the Book of Mormon into my life.
I have come to know again and for myself that this book of so true. There really is a power in this book the moment you begin a serious study of it. I can testify that Christ can be found in the Book of Mormon. He becomes real to me and I can feel myself connected to heaven when I study. God bless those men who wrote the things of their soul in this great book, and God bless Joseph Smith for his dedication of getting the words from those ancient plates into my home.
Certainly the earth has been flooded with this book, but most importantly is what this flood of the Book of Mormon has left deposited in my heart and in my home.
I testify that Christ lives, and I know that I can find him in the Book of Mormon.

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