Friday, September 18, 2009

Temple Worship

I have very few, and I mean very few memories of my childhood. Not that it was bad and blocked out, it was a wonderful childhood, but I tend to forget things so quickly. One of the things I remember so vividly is my parents regularly attending the temple together. I remember sitting in my moms bathroom watching her get ready; I remember the happy sack Hardees kids meals with the single gummy bear as a treat that we would eat when mom and dad left on those temple date nights; and I remember watching my mom and dad leave (always in a hurry it seemed) with their hard, brown, matching temple bags in their hands.

Why is it that one of the few childhood memories that has stuck with me for so many years is not the fabulous birthday parties I had, or the big school events we attended, or even the holidays that came yearly? Why do I remember so vividly my parent's temple attendance?

I want these memories to be memories that my children also have. I want them to remember me sacrificing to make it to the temple, to remember the blessing that flowed into our home as a result of this sacrifice. I want them to see how much the temple means to their dad and I and I want them to know why it means that much to us.

Tonight Shon and I were able to attend the Draper temple with my family. Nothing miraculous happened, but no one can deny the peace that comes as you enter those sacred grounds. It truly is God's house and His presence is felt. I am grateful for the temple on this earth. I am grateful that we are able to perform service and secure blessing for ourselves in those sacred walls. I am grateful that as we serve, we are able to love a little more like the Savior unselfishly loves.

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