Thursday, September 17, 2009

Simple Moments

I am so extremely grateful that Heavenly Father allows us to raise his precious children on this earth. One of the greatest things about parenthood is that we are able to rediscover the world through our children's eyes.

Tonight Benson discovered that by kicking his feet in the bath, he could make the water slash. His little expression was so cute the first time he did it. He threw out his arms in surprise, with a very serious look on his face. He relaxed a little, and I could almost hear his little mind working, as he contemplated whether the same kick of the legs would bring the same thrilling splash. He tried it again and low and behold the same reaction. This time there was a big smile on his face. He just couldn't get enough of it. He would kick his was down the tub, I would scoot him back up and down he would go again. The kids and I were all gathered around watching him, and his joy and excitement became ours. Simple moments.

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