Friday, July 10, 2009

Our little Photo Shoot

We tried out a little photo shoot a few weeks ago with all the kids. I especially wanted to get Benson's newborn pictures. I have never taken pictures myself, I always take them to a photographer, but we got a new, really nice camera about a year ago, so I thought I would give it a shot. I am still not entirely sure how the camera completely works, but I did get quite a few pretty cute ones. What do you think?

We have pictures of all our kids with a teddy bear when they are babies, here was our try with Benson, I really love the one below, when I caught hum smiling.

Our beautiful Emma

Our cute, cuddly Parker

And, our crazy but adorable, Evan

A little later on in the week my sister, Kara, helped me take a few more of Benson. Here are my favorites:


  1. Those pictures are amazing! I am so impressed. I absolutely love the one where Benson is smiling, but they all look great. Very pretty picture of Emma too. I could go on and on. About your post above - Megan is adorable. What is your brother thinking?

  2. I love all those pictures! They are adorable and I'm lucky to have such a cute neice and nephews.

  3. Love the pics - your kids are so cute! great job! LOVE Benson's curls! :)