Monday, May 5, 2008


I've been tagged, so here it is:
What's his name? Shon
How long did you date? 7 months
How long have you been married? 7 years in June
Who is taller? Shon
Who eats more? Defiantly Shon, although by looking at all 50 pounds of him you wouldn't guess it
Who's the better singer? I would have to say Shon again
Who does the laundry? If I want all the whites to stay white, then me
Who pays the bills? Shon, he's much better in money matters
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Ok, this is a weird question - Shon
Who mows the lawn? Shon (it seams like he does most everything, but I promise I carry my load!)
Who cooks dinner? I do, occasionally we will have gourmet pancakes made by Shon, but everything else is made by me
Who drives? It depends on who wins the fight. We both like to. He says I drive like a lunatic, and I say he drives like a grandpa
Who is more stubborn? Me, defiantly me (probably not the best quality to possess)
Who kissed who first? He did. I still laugh about it today (he denies this ever happened, but I promise it did). He was pretty nervous that it was so fast, if I would have blinked I could have missed it!
Who asked who out? Shon asked me
Who proposed? Shon did, on his birthday. Sweet huh?
Who is more sensitive? Me, but occasionally Shon will surprise me
Who has more siblings? I do, by one. There are 7 kids in my fam, 6 in his
Who wears the pants? I try (another quality I am not proud of), but he does

These are called 'spur of the moment' pictures. How sad that in all of my pictures on my computer not one was of just Shon and I. So Emma took these about ten minutes ago for us. Needless to say we've looked better.

Alright now I will tag Amy Mutchler and Alisha.


  1. Jay drives like a grandpa too! He loves looking at scenery while he drives!

  2. AWWWW! So cute! Yes, it's 5am- so what!! Love ya sis.

  3. So....Emma is the new budding photographer in the family. I totally agree with most of your answers; however I think the singing is a toss-up and I don't think I am prejudice even though I am your mom! And lets be real--Shon pays the bills with all the money you save shopping those bargains. Boo-ya girl! Love ya.

  4. Between you and me I think your voice is better but ur just being nice:)