Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 Things I Love

So, today I have been thinking about and enjoying three very random things. First, and these are definitely not in any particular order of preference, is that I love to scare my kids. Okay, I am so opening up, because if someone was just reading this, and didn't know that I really do love my kids, I would appear to be a monster, or a lunatic at the least. But it is this sick obsession that I have! I don't know why the frightened reaction, or "jump", that happens when I hide behind a corner, and jump out with a scream, humors me so much. Is that totally sick? I really think it might be. My kids are pretty used to this, and now, most of the time, laugh along with me. Emma even gets a kick out of doing this on her own and let me tell you, she is getting pretty good at it, too. But, for some reason, Evan was not having it this last time. Maybe it was because he just woke up from his nap, and was still a little sleepy. But I was growling at him (kinds loud, like a lion) and he would burst into tears every time and cling to my shoulder. And I just thought it was so funny - I kept doing it, laughing each time. Oh my gosh, I am a terrible mother. Reading it out like this I can't believe I get such humor in this. And yet as horrified as I am, I still am laughing while I am writing this. Does everyone out there think I am a sicko? I really do love my kids!

Okay, and second, anyone that knows me, know that I absolutely love a good deal. In fact I will let anyone and everyone know about it. Just the other week, I found this fabulous store - Steve and Berry's, where everything in the entire store is 8.99 - jeans, dresses, all sorts of shoes, everything is 8.99, and it's designer clothes! Its not junk. Sarah Jessica Parker has her line there. So I called my mom to tell her about it, and my sister Kara said, in the background, "She must have found a great deal, because I can hear how excited she is from here". Side note - if you do go to that store, don't go on a Saturday, a couple of my friends have made that mistake and weren't to impressed with the selection. Anyways, so I found this new website today, (thank you Laura and Amy) that has got me all excited again. It is http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/. Its this awesome website that has just about every online deal, and every local deal you can think of. And for my out of state family - they are categorized by states. In the grocery section, you find the local ads of all of the grocery stores and the coupons that would correspond with those ads (from the Sunday paper), and then the final prices of those items. I was already doing this but this makes it way faster with just a couple of clicks, and I don't have to try and find the coupons that correspond with the ads - its all done for me! So then, all I have to do is take the printed-out ads to Walmart (who will price match everything), and I'm saving a ton of money. I am so excited. This will save me an hour like every week. It has great clothing deals, the best baby deals of the week - everything you can think of. So you all should totally check it out if your fanatical about saving money like I am.

And finally, the most important thing I love today, is spending time with my kids. On Sunday, in Relief Society, we had the 'teaching for out times' lesson. The talk that we studied was "Good, Better, Best" by Elder Oaks. We talked about the best way to spend family time with your children, and considering my earlier thoughts (see my previous post), I was especially, could we say, receptive to this part of the lesson. So I made a commitment that day that everyday I was going to spend one-on-one time with each of my children. Its only been 3 days, but it has made such the difference. Even if its just 5 minutes while we set the table, we are all happier and its something I think each one of them is enjoying.

So there you go - from scaring my kinds, to sales, to the importance of spending one-on-one time with them. I know, very random. Oh well. Oh, and soon as I am patient enough to post pictures on the dino-dial up that I have, I'll post some new ones. Until then, it's just words. So sorry.


  1. LOL oh my sis how I love you! You make me laugh so hard! The dino dial up thing has me rolling! You've gotta take me to that store!

  2. I love pinchingyourpennies...I need to use it more. It was good to get to know you more!!!

  3. oh crap that's hilarious. i love to scare my kids too -- i scared all of my siblings growing up and i've just continued the tradition i guess. so if you're a lunatic mom, so am i.

    and thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about pinchingyourpennies!! just today i took your suggestion of price matching at walmart and it saved me a little bit. i need to get more into it next time. i'm sure this site will help! you're great!

  4. Okay I'm posting! I'm on my lunch break and posting! Haha. I love how you love to scare your kids and think it is so funny, I get a kick out of it when I'm there with you doing it! I love steve & barrys. Amazing store, thanks for taking me there! Oh and how I love you and love spending time with you!

  5. Where is Steve and Barry's? Sounds like a great place.

    Thanks for the pinchingyourpennies tip - it's great to find great deals (even on groceries!)

    I really liked the lesson on Sunday, too!

  6. As I read your post I could just see you sneaking around the corners and saying, "aaahhhh" really loud. I can remember so many times that as soon as you found out some particular toy like a puppet scared your kids you would keep showing it to them. The reason this is so funny is it is so totally different than the rest of your mothering. I must admit, it is quite funny to watch. I absolutely cannot wait until you are about sixty and your kids come sneaking into your house and army crawl over to the chair you and napping in and yell "aaaahhhh"!

  7. I'm so happy to hear from you again! Your family is adorable. I added you on our blog so please keep in touch!