Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving '10

Thanksgiving Day this year was perfect. It was more sentimental than years past - any that I can remember. Dad was with us, which is such a blessing that for a long time we feared may not be the case. But his health and white counts are improving weekly, and there really isn't anything that could top that this Thanksgiving holiday.

My mom has always been against a "kid table", being that is segregation an all. So Josh was nice enough and made it a boy only table. I had the wrong lens on my camera and couldn't get Ev and Keld in the pic but they are there. Josh is looking a little drunk on that sparkling cranberry juice.....

The boys discovered Josh's football uniforms and thought they were the greatest thing ever.  How appropriate for Thanksgiving! And my handsome boys looking so tough too!

The day before Thanksgiving we had planned to go Christmas tree hunting but "the biggest blizzard to hit the state in 5 years" was forcasted so we cancelled our plans. Well the blizzard was a no-show and as you can see from the sledding pics, it didn't even completely cover the grass! The kids were so disappointed that we had to take them sledding to at least give them something to do. Look at those tough girls lugging Park up the hill!

And yes, I did do the Black Friday thing again this year. It's a tradition that I anticipate for weeks before. It got off to a bad start though this year when I went to the gas station to pick up the paper with all the ads at 6:45 but they hadn't been delivered yet. Well I know thanksgiving papers, and I know the limited supply goes fast! So I wasn't leaving. Plus the nice attendant man said her should be there in about 15. Well 15 turned into 120. 2 hours later and a whole gas station of anxious waiters and I finally got my paper.

I'm not sure why every year the stores decide to start earlier and earlier but I don't like it I tell ya! Walmart was midnight this year, and then Kohl's at 3 followed by Shopko. And no,  I did not sleep at all. 7 hours of shopping and only 3 stores. I pulled an all-nighter for the first time in my life and let me tell you I was exhausted! It was the first year that Alaina and I thought it might not be worth it. As always the people were crazy. The funniest things of the night, As we were checking out at Walmart - after an hour wait in line to pay, so was an older man with a basket full of what you ask? Toys, electronics, something on sale? Nope - toilet paper! He must have had a really bad inclining for for Quilted Northeren to fight the crowds for that!

Kohl's was the worst. Standing in line for 2 hours just about drove me bonkers. I even saw a good friend of mine, who is 7 months pregnant fast asleep on the couch there! Ah but in the end I did finish most of my shopping that weekend. That's a plus I guess. Not sure if I'll do it next year though. Who am I kidding - I will, I just can't stand the thought of missing out on a good deal!

Anyway there's our Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. I am so thankful for family most of all this year, the gospel and good friends. Oh and for some great news to continue to be thankful for check out Alaina's blog. Do I hear distant crying???

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