Monday, December 13, 2010

A Live Nativity

A little over a week ago Em asked me to come with her on her Activity Day's outing. They went to a live Nativity in Alpine. I was soooo impressed that I brought our family, along with Shon's sister's family back on Monday night for FHE. These pictures are from the Friday night excursion with the girls.

It is located on a multi acre farm with lots of large barns. You park in a nearby church and are shuttled up to "Bethlehem". There you walk up a long dirt hill, while Roman soilders call you in to pay your taxes. Then you enter the giant barn (Bethlehem), where you are taken back in time and are able to watch blankets made, pottery molded, bread baked, and many more wonderful stations that are so real.

As we left Bethlehem, as shepherd walked with us a little farther on and asked Em how long she had been traveling. You then see the star and hear sweet caroling from above.

As soon as you entered the "stable", it was so peaceful and reverent. It was such a contrast from the noisy Bethlehem to the calm peaceful scene of the manger. I love these next few pictures. To me, it really encompasses the Holy Family. I love the way Mary is looking at the baby, sweetly rocking him, while Joseph sits and looks up in peaceful awe.

The second night we went, there was a different baby, just a few weeks old that made it real in a different way also. They put this on every year in honor of a woman who passed away from cancer. She loved Christmas and her daughter wanted a way to give back to those who took such great care of their mother. So, at the end of the tour, free hot chocolate is offered and a donation jar sits, where 100% of the proceeds goes back into cancer research.

This was definitely the start of a family tradition. We will be back year after year. It really set the mood for this holiday season and the true reason we celebrate. But, we will not be going again on the closing Monday night. Although the hour long wait was worth it - I definitely prefer the Friday night, which was free of crowds.

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