Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Evan's 4th Birthday!

I am trying to back on track with this blogging. I need to play major catch up, but I think I'll start from the most recent and slowly work my way backwards. Now, I have been editing pictures all night from the shoot I did today so I haven't had the energy to edit these. So yes, there are quite a few that could stand to be lightened or straightened, but at least I'm posting! Yesterday Evan turned the big 4! I just think there is such a difference between the ages of 3 and 4! He is no longer a toddler!

At just about the same time her was entering this world, just four years earlier, he decided to have a near death accident. Ok, maybe not that sever, but it was quite traumatic. While waiting for his party guests to arrive he decided to take a little ride down our driveway on Park's skateboard. He ended up face first on his little head and has quite the injury in half of these pictures. That boy and head wounds is going to drive insane!

We began his birthday with presents (of course).

His big present was a train table and all the trains and tracks to go with it. Benson was so generous to give him that but wanted to keep it in his room (or it just may be the only room with enough space to keep it). Evan was completely fine with that since he loves to be upstairs most of the day anyway.

Party time, poor little Garrison is covered up though! We decided this was the year to trow Ev his first birthday party. Since his birthday is day after Halloween he seams to get the shaft every year. I find myself so busy with Halloween prep that his birthday sneaks right up on me. Which almost happened again this year. I planned the party the day before and made some quick calls. Everyone that we invited was so kind to come and help him celebrate at the last minute. It was the highlight of his birthday so it was defiantly worth it!

Later that night we met some of my family at McDonald's for dinner - why kids continue to love that place is beyond me! My dad was getting platelets that day, and while I really didn't expect him to come (there are way to many germs in a place like that), I was overwhelmingly surprised when they made the drive out to say Hello. Grammie came in and took Evan out to the car to see him. It was definitely the highlight of his birthday for me.

Evan, we love you so much! You bring so much life into our family. You are my little buddy during that day and I love your companionship and that you love to be my little shadow. You love life, and your excitement for it is contagious. You are such a wonderful big brother to Benson and he just adores spending time with you. I love that you are now starting to play together. You have  a way with people and can make friends in any situation and I love to watch you include others by being a little friend. We live you little man. Happy 4th Birthday!

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