Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pioneer Day Camping

We took a short trip up to Fish Lake last weekend to celebrate Pioneer Day. It was great to get away even for the short time. There is just something about the fresh mountain air that clears the mind and brings things into focus.

Benson was a little unsure of the new surrounding, especially the uneven ground he was trying to figure out how to walk on. But he quickly warmed up and had a great time....covered in dirt....all weekend.

Em and Ev getting ready for four wheeler rides

These two are quite the little buddies - mischief makers - but great friends

Em, Evan and I, along with Alaina and Keldin getting ready to go on a four wheeler ride

Evan became quite attached to this helmet, wore it all evening

And here he is with it on backwards, ya, ran into quite a few things with it that way....

Roasting marshmallows

Although it may seem as though our second born was not with us, I promise he was. Parker likes to stay in the background quietly watching until he is completely comfortable with anything that is new.

Ev and Daynie again - aren't they cute!?

Em, Skylee and Daynie

Ah, here's my long lost son! He and Shon fished for a lot of the weekend, but right before we left we took a family four wheeler ride up to this little lake, and then hiked around it. It was beautiful.

And last, but not least. Shon with Benson on our family ride. Don't you just love Bens in that helmet!

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