Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Piano Recital

A little under a year ago my sister asked me if I would teach her son the piano. I agreed and it has grown from there! I just took o my tenth student and I really enjoy teaching. I have great kids, especially a wonderful daughter who is the best babysitter if it's not nap time. I even pulled Emma out a few months ago and started teaching her myself. Despite my worries, she is doing just as great as she was with her other teacher (sometimes they just don't do things for their moms like they do for others). Parker started about a month ago also and he is catching on really quickly and is loving it also.

So, on Thursday we had our first piano recital at the Piano Gallery. All the kids did awesome and I was so proud of them!

This is right after Parker and I finished playing our duet. I love this picture, if you look closley you can see Parker's little smile. He was so proud of himself!

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