Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Park!

Parker turned the big 6 on Tuesday and let me tell you, he has been looking forward to this day for weeks! For about the past ten days he would wake me up every morning with the countdown (only 8 more days til my birthday mom....only 7 more days...) So, the next few posts will be about his fun day (there are too many pics for me to edit and post all at once).

Shon was at school so he gave him his gift the night before, a new wii game which we let him stay up way past his bedtime playing. But, despite that, he was up bright and early ready to open his presents. He is by far my most content child and would love anything we got him. In fact about a week ago we were at the store and I had told him we were going to look for presents, while Shon took him to look at something else. Then Shon ended up paying for everything while I ran out to the car, so I threw my stuff in his cart. He saw some combs and ask Shon excitedly, "Combs for my birthday!?"

Parker wanted frozen waffles decorated like sports stuff. That kid is one easy guy to please!

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