Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Much Fun!

Last Thursday we had the chance to go with all the seminary teachers and their families from Shon's area up Provo canyon. We went to a beautiful private residence owned by the (Ashton ?) family. Not sure right now if I got that name right. Anyway he was one of the men, years and years ago that started Microsoft Works. His son is a seminary teacher so we were all able to go and spend a few hours at this unbelievable place.

This is their ginormous, monster slip and slide. My kids are such chickens so I promised them a snow cone if they would try it - Evan, my only little brave one, did it more than once, Em tried once but she was done and Park refused. Oh well, Shon at least had fun....

Park is getting to be quite the little basketball player.....

Rock Climbing

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