Saturday, April 24, 2010


My cute little niece turned 7 years old last week. Emma and Skylee have been bff's since the day she was born. I love watching those two together. Just last week we were all at my mom and dad's and Alaina pointed out those 2 to me. They were arm and arm sitting together just listening to family council. That's how it is with those two. If they are together they are inseparable. Its so fun that they live so close and can spend so much time together. I never had that with any of my cousins growing up. Hopefully this great little friendship they have will last forever. I can just imagine them, as teenagers, on the phone all hours into the night after one has had a date!

Skylee is adorable. She is a little firecracker and is full of energy. But she is also very sweet and caring and has a heart of gold. We love you Sky - happy belated 7th birthday!

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