Saturday, March 13, 2010


The last Christlike attribute that we studied was obedience.

I believe obedience is the culmination of all these Christlike attributes that we have been studying. We really do need obedience in order to have any Christlike attribute. I love that when we obey, God is bound to bless us. As we are obedient we enjoy continuous blessings. These blessing then help us and compel us to continue to be obedient. Which in turn leads us to more obedience. It is such and awesome cycle! But obviously Obedience does not mean a life free of trial and hardships, as we are all very aware. Job taught us this very important lesson.

President Monson said, "To Peter at Galilee, Jesus said, “Follow me.” To Philip came the same instruction, “Follow me.” And to the publican Levi, who was sitting at receipt of customs, came the beckoning call, “Follow me.” Even to one who came running after him, one who had great possessions, came the words, “Follow me.” And to you and to me that same voice, this same Jesus, says, “Follow me.” Are we willing to obey?"

Obedience brings great strength. Strength we all need to Follow Him and to Come Unto Christ step by step. As we use this obedience to develop these Christlike attributes we have been studying we really will Come Unto Christ and when he commands us to Follow Him we will be able to do just that.

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