Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another One Of Those 'Evan Days'

Evan has so much spunk. That kid can push just the right button and make me madder in a few seconds than any of the other kids combined. At the same time, he can make me melt and fall in love with him just as quick.

Today however was a not-so-good Evan day. We went grocery shopping. No sooner had we begun, and were in the produce isle, I see him pull on the fresh broccoli. I watch in slow motion as not just one, but MANY broccoli heads fall to the floor. A few minutes later he has once again disappeared. Where do I find him? Taking bites out of the fresh bakery bread. A little bit later Parker informs me that Evan has hidden something in his shirt. We can't find it, and of course the little angel denies any such claim. Then, where did the push pop come from that he is sucking on a few minutes later I ask you? Finally, we make it to the check out stand, and while I am running the card, he is once again MIA. The bagger points him out to me, on the next isle opening up yet another candy bar!

Now you may ask, what kind of mom looses track on her little boy 4 times in a mere hour? But I tell you that kid is fast and sneaky! Needless to say, he will not be going grocery shopping with me anytime soon.....

I was thinking about this while driving home tonight in the silence of the car. And I remembered an adorable thing he said to me this morning. "Mom, tomorrow is your birthday, and so you will be able to run faster than a dog." See what I mean, he can be so dang cute, but so dang naughty at the same time.

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