Thursday, February 18, 2010


Week #6 in Christlike attributes is patience.

This week as I have been reading my scriptures I have been surprised at how many times patience, tolerance or being temperate in all things is mentioned. Patience is definitely one of them hardest, if not THE hardest attribute that I struggle with on the list given. I was not blessed with a patient spirit, and its definitely something I have to work on.

I remember growing up, I was constantly reminded by my parents to "chill and be patient". I still struggle with it today, as Shon can surly attest to - I tend to get a little obsessive. I have always known this is something I need to continually work on, but this week when I have asked myself to go a little deeper as to why it is so important, I have had further inspiration.

Why are we asked to be patient? Patience is a part of our everyday life. It takes time to build anything of significance in life, just as it takes time and patience to build anything of significance for our future and our eternal life. Impatience, I believe is a sign of our dissatisfaction. Obviously it is wonderful to hope and have faith in Eternal life, but that hope requires careful patience. But, as we strive daily to do the things we are taught, to develop our relationship with our Savior, to seek out the things he is trying to teach us, patience becomes easier. Yes, our trials are still overwhelming at times, but we can become content with the place that we are in life. We can look forward to a brighter future, and patience will help us endure and endure well.

Trials, as we all know, come in many, many forms. This week I have been thinking about those inner struggles we all deal with. I have a deep testimony that the Lord knows each of us. He knows what we need to come closer to Him. He knows our weaknesses and as we have patience and a willingness to change, he will guide us in the right direction. But patience is the key.

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