Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's amazing how different children can be. You would think that with the same genetics, same parents, same parenting - they would all just be the same in a family. Well, kids definitely come with their different personalities, traits, shortcomings and gifts don't they?

Parker is our deeply spiritual little man. It seams that of all of our kids, he is sooo drawn to the gospel and anything associated with it. He is the one that asks the deep questions, is fascinated by scripture stories and aspires to be like those he reads about. He would always prefer an animated church movie to any other we have in the cabinet. He is the one, who marches strait home from church to tell us the exciting new story or principle he learned. He is the one who gives us those reminders if we happen to try to put them to bed without family scripture study. He is the one who counts down the days to FHE and loves to participate in any way, especially giving the lesson. We love you so much Parks - thank you so much for your great example.

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