Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking Back On 2009

Just as I have not been one for setting goals in the new year, I am also not one who has looked back and evaluated the past year. But just as my outlook on goals changed this year, I also have been really contemplating this past year.

As I look back on 2009, I am filled with mixed emotions.

This year brought much happiness and gratitude as we welcomed our sweet little Benson into our home in June.

This year brought laughter and smiles as we took our first family Disneyland trip!

This year brought feelings of warmth as we were able to spend time with our sweet Nana.

This year brought many joyful firsts! First day of Kindergarten, first tooth, first piano recital, first trip to the beach, first 5k....

This year brought deep gratitude as Shon's mom began her path to recovery.

This year also brought much sadness as we learned of my dad's cancer returning and as we watched him struggle through sickness.

This year brought worry as we watched my little brother go through his 3rd brain surgery to remove another tumor.

This year brought many things. We have had ups. We have had downs. It seems the constant is family, and our faith in the Savior, His timing and His will. Overall 2009 has been good to us. But I know as we continue to strengthen our faith in the Savior he will continue to strengthen us.

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