Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have never been one to make goals. Well, new years gaols that is. Why not? I never seem to follow through or remember as February approaches. But, I have decided that this year is different. This year, goals are going to be set, and if I can help (which obviously I can) they are going to be followed through. The key though, is remembering them. I could write them with lipstick all across my bathroom mirror, but that might get a little old, it's messy and with the number of goals I have, we might not be able to see ourselves, which is the whole purpose of a mirror right? I could get all crafty and make something worthy of displaying but do I really want everyone critiquing me on how great I am doing? Maybe I do - it might keep me in check, but then again it might make me have a lot of enemies really fast....Shon is always great at remembering goal-like things - (ask him where he left the keys and that a whole different story....), but once again it could lead to some not so nice conversations (I tend to get a little over-sensitive). But I do need to find a way to remember that doesn't end in causalities - that is the quest for now.

So do I want to make my goals public? Maybe so, maybe it will keep me in track. Just don't remind me if I am failing miserably...

Physically - Run 3 more 5k's this year. Shed this dang baby weight.
Emotionally - Learn to be happier everyday of life
Spiritually - Study the scriptures regularly with a purpose and increase my faith in His timing. Increase my relationship with the Savior by knowing Him
In my marriage - Connect better with Shon by noticing the wonderful things he does everyday to bless my family. Make it a point to search for those wonderful qualities that make him uniquely Shon
As a mother - Spend time everyday getting to know each of them individually

So there they are - there are so many more things that I need to work on, but you have to start somewhere right? Here's to a great 2010 with many goals accomplished!

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