Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow.....

Today little Benson is 6 months old! As the other kids were in bed last night and he and I were talking, I told him he was just growing up too fast! I wish you could just freeze time and keep them in this stage or that until you were ready for them to move on. But alas, as that can't be, I am trying to savor each moment when he is little.

Little facts about Benson:
He can sit.
He has 2 cute little front teeth.
He will eat just about anything we put in his mouth.
He has just discovered that his mouth can be used to make noises, his latest favorite is spitting. All day long, if he's awake - he's spiting.
His favorite toy - a dumb metallic fish that once went to a bigger toy that we had. No matter what other toys are put in front of him, this is what he grabs.
He LOVES the bath.
Weight - 16.1 pounds - 27%.
Height - 27 inches - 79%.

Things we love about Benson:
His adorable dimples.
His cute curly hair.
He suck his thumb - so stinkin cute!
His easy tempered personality.
He now loves everyone in the family - including Evan! he smiles and trows his arms around excitedly every time he sees any of us.
His hugs and kisses! No baby (at least in our family) has ever given such great hugs when they were so young! He is so cuddly!

We love you so much Benson!

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