Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Presidency Devotional Recap - President Monson

Wasn't the First Presidency's Devotional Wonderful tonight? I especially loved President Monson's talk. His talk is the one I look forward to every year. The stories he tells are so wonderful and moving. And the music was so beautiful, as always.

He said, "Recently as I have reminisced concerning past Christmas's, I've realized that probably no other time of the year yields as many poignant memories as does Christmas. The Christmas's we remember best generally have little to do with worldly goods. But a lot to do with families, with love and with compassion, and caring."

"My brothers and sister, finding the joy in the season comes not from the hurrying and scurrying to get more done or the purchasing of obligatory gifts. Really joy comes as we show the love and compassion inspired by the Savior of the World who said, 'In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto me.'"

I needed to hear this. Our beloved prophet seamed to be speaking just to me. This year, as I am sure is the case with many families, we seam to be cutting back a little on Christmas. I worry over this and that. Will my children feel like they get what they wanted? Will they feel that they get enough? Do I have enough money to add an additional present for each of them?

Is this what really matters? The answer is clearly no, as I of course know. Its just so easy to get caught up in the material side of Christmas. I also just need to slow down! I am one who gets caught up in the hurrying and scurrying to get more done. To make more personalized gifts, to wrap them just right. To bake cookies for him and her. And the list goes on. It seams I am trying to get some much done this time of year I am missing out on life, on the season, on my family experiencing the season.

It is my hope, my prayer, my goal to reach out to those in need, whatever that need may be. It is my prayer that Heavenly Father will inspire me to who needs service that my family and I can give, that we can make this season a truly memorable one.

"May enjoyment of the season include remembrance of the needy, and afflicted. May our forgiveness reach out to those who have wronged us, even as we hope to be forgiven. May goodness abound in our hearts and love prevail in our homes. As we contemplate how we are going to spend our money on how we are going to buy gifts this holiday season, let us plan also for how we will spend our time, in order to help bring the true spirit of Christmas into the lives of others. "

"What is the spirit we feel at Christmas time? It is his spirit, the spirit of Christ."

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