Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a busy Thanksgiving this year! After the race, I rushed to my moms house, showered and jumped in the car, wet hair and all to drive the 4 hours to our Thanksgiving dinner in Idaho. Well....the 4 hours turned into a little more than 5 when Shon took the wrong highway exit and headed for Boise instead of Idaho Falls. I wasn't paying attention and before we knew it we were 40 miles out of the way. I must say at this time I asked Shon if we could just go home. But that was a no-go so we raced, and I mean raced the rest of the way. I have never seen Shon drive so fast in my life! I have complained so many times about his grandpa driving, but I think I prefer that to the 90-105 mile an hour drive we had for 3 hours. Every time I would look up, I literally got sick. But after many silent prayers, we made it safe and sound - what a blessing.

But...we were 2 and a half hours late and everyone was done eating. So we heated up the cold food that was left. Luckily everyone was still visiting at the tables so we at least had company. Doesn't this sound like a fun day so far? :)

But it did get better. After we all filled our tummies we were able to enjoy the day of visiting with family. It wasn't just Thanksgiving this year, it was a surprise birthday 80th birthday celebration for Shon's grandpa. We were able to watch a video of pictures and old movies and he narrated for us. It was nice.

We then of course enjoyed dessert and some games and crafts. Then at 7 we headed back out to Utah. Yep, there and back in one day - about 9 hours! Shon was so nice to let me run the race and come back that same day so I wouldn't miss one of the days I look forward to every year - Black Friday.

Yes, I am one of those crazy early morning shoppers. But, its a tradition with me, my sisters and my mom. We have been doing it for years and its just so much fun. And I must say we are quite good at it! It helps that we have so many of us to spilt up in the different stores and different sections of the store. We did get some great deals, and of course missed some too. I swear it gets crazier every year. Apparently this year they handed out vouchers at midnight for the big items. Would have been nice to know - but at least we know for next year. It was a lot of fun though, as always.

Here is little Bens with his Great Grandpa Graham. Benson just fell in love with him!

Great Grandpa with all the kids

4 Generations - Great Grandma Graham, Grandma Hawkes, Shon and Emma

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