Friday, November 27, 2009

I Did It!

Remember this post? I needed major encouragement to make it a half mile? Well yesterday a few of us braved the 23 degree weather and ran (yes ran the whole way) the Humanitarian 5k. Now, this may not seam like a big deal to many of you, but it is quite the accomplishment for a girl who would shudder at the thought of running to a neighbors house, much less 3 miles! So I must say I am quite proud of myself!

I was able to run it with my sister Alaina. She and I have been training together off and on these last two months and I have so loved the time we have been able to spend together. It really has been such a blessing. We live so close, but don't see each other near enough! So it was really great seeing and talking to her more regularly. In fact we ran it side by side (and I mean side by side the entire time). Just before the race started I went to start my ipod and although I had charged it all night - it was dead. I freaked! I can not run without music! So she was nice enough to run right next to me and we shared hers :).

Josh, her husband, Anslee her neighbor and Megan ran it with us. Shon, the kids, Alaina's kids, our parents and brother came out in the cold to cheer us into the finish line! It was so great and I hope its a tradition we can keep every year from now on. Now I totally realize my hair is hideous in these pictures but oh well!

Before the race, minus Megan

Running the home strech

After the race, Sorry Anslee apparently the camera man cut you out :(

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