Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is our sweet Nana.

Can I call her ours? Its been 3 years now since my brother returned from his mission in New Zealand. While knocking doors there, he knocked on Nana's (aka Margaret). She later recounted that she had wanted nothing to do with the religion but invited them in anyway. As the story goes, she was baptized in her late eighties!

Since that time she has visited with my family three times and we absolutely adore her and love having her around. She has quite the sense of humor and gets me giggling on many occasions. She loves our children and they love her. They actually think she is their grandmother.

Each time she comes she says its her last visit to the states but we all sincerely hope its not. Tonight as we were all gathered together I asked her how much longer she would be here. "Next week at this time I will be at home" she said. Oh how sad I am to see her go! It seems that she should be here with us, but how selfish of me to think that, knowing her family is missing her also.

We will miss you Nana, and we will be thinking of you often. We love you.

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