Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus

Conference was wonderful. I especially enjoyed President Eyring's talk this morning. When he started by stating that "we all want to be a little better", he immediately caught my attention. He spoke of listing to primary children sing with all their hearts the song I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus . I remembered a day, just two months ago, when I heard this sung at my nephews baptism. I remember looking over and watching my sweet Emma and Parker sing this beautiful song with all their hearts.

President Eyring said that these children sand as if it were not a hope to be like Jesus, but a commandment they were following; and that they were determined to succeed. My heart agreed.

He then went on to give suggestions as to how we can become like Jesus in our efforts everyday to be a little better. When he spoke to husbands and wives, the spirit quietly confirmed that I could do improve and thus improve In becoming more like Him. He said to do the following:
1. Pray for the love the allows you to see the good in your companion.
2. Pray for the love that makes weaknesses seem small.
3. Pray for the love that makes your companions joy your own.
4. Pray for the love to lessen the load of your companion and soften the sorrows.

He reminded us that when trying, we will remember the times in our lives when we felt we were becoming more like Jesus and promised us that when we diligently try these things we will have many more times that we will feel this same way.

I am so thankful for this talk. I am thankful for the reminders and the gentle prodding. I am grateful for our living prophets. They truly speak with God, and if we heed their counsel we will be a little better.

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