Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Warm Cuddly Children

I have mentioned before that I love the NeiNei Dialogues. They are inspirational, uplifting and thought provoking. She has helped me to love motherhood a little more than I did before, and to value what I am doing.

She recently was on the Oprah show, in which she helped a mother learn to love motherhood again. One part on that video, which can be found here she once again helped me appreciate the simple moments of motherhood. She talks of not being able to pick up her kids after their bath time. So last night after I got the kids out of the bath I made a special effort to cuddle each of them in their towel and warm them up. I have never stopped to think of how great that is. There is just something about hugging a little warm, wet body. I am so grateful for these simple but special, heartwarming moments of motherhood. And, I am grateful for the reminder.

Here are just some random bath picture just for fun:

Benson right after a bath

Yep, that would be Evan, in the bath, in his jammies

Bubbly Parker

Here is Emma and her friend Emma B, on a little trip we took to Park City

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