Sunday, September 27, 2009


My dad has a close friend, whom he has been friends with for decades. They met in middle school and have remained friends for 40+ years. Throughout my childhood and continued on through today we continue to see he and his family at major events, parties and most rememberable of all - the annual Labor Day Campout and the annual Christmas Tree Hunt.

Recently he has had a tragic event take place that will change his life forever. He will never be the same, nor will his future. As we sat as an extended family this evening after family dinner and discussed this, my dad said some things that really made an impact on me. He said, "you never know when your life is going to change. It can change on a dime." It was nothing profound or something new, but it was something, that coupled with special quiet moments earlier in the day, filled my heart with gratitude.

Earlier today I watched Parker excitedly show me his conference packet after church as he explained to me that President Monson was going to speak and that he was going to draw a picture of what he talked to us about. Then I watched Evan sing his little heart out to "I Am A Child of God."

I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven has blessed me with my family and with special "every day moments". I just can not find words adequate to express my deep heartfelt gratitude that my life is the way that it is today.

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