Sunday, April 26, 2009


Since I am annoying my entire 2 reader population out there by not posting pictures (or anything for that matter) I thought I better update the blog. Emma had her first grade program a couple of weeks ago, which I will blog about later, since I am still quite a bit blog-stupid and don't have the time to figure out how to post videos this morning - so I'll get to that later.

Over Spring break we took a fabulous family vacation to the happiest place on earth - Disneyland, which I must say is so magical, especially with out kids being the age that they are. We all had so much fun, and even Shon, who was a bit anti-Disneyland for as long as I can remember; said, after the third day at Disneyland "I think I'm a big Disneyland fan now." Yea! No more pulling teeth in the future to go! It is well worth the money. I think the reason its such a great family vacation is you are there just to make your kids happy, what they want to do, we do. What makes them happy makes us happy! Shon says its a little like what heaven might be (minus the scankie clothes and line butters :) ) - everyone is so nice and happy everywhere you go. I didn't even mind not being able to ride all the big rides (being prego and all)! So here are some pictures of our memorable trip!

We started the trip off with a day at the beach. The kids loved exploring the sand and the water.

Here is Evan running from what he called the "dirty water"

We started off our adventures in Disneyland with the classic Autopia cars

This ride almost proved too much with a pregnant mommy and a 6 year old driver!

I love this picture becuase it shows really well the happy state of bliss we were all in, even standing in a 20 minute line!

Halfway through the 1st day we bought the kids Micky ice cream bars. Shon couldn't figure out why everyone was laughing at him as he walked by, that is until he checked on Evan who had fallen asleep with a dripping ice cream bar held in his hand.

Here are the kids with Pooh, Evan insisted on hugging every character in sight. He was full of hugs that trip, even hugging the hostess at a resturaunt we went to!

Could the kids being having any more fun on the tea cups?

Day 2 at Disneyland began with Evan, Parker and I visitng Goofy while Dad and Emma rode the Toontown Roller Coaster (next picture)

What Disneyland trip is complete with out "Its a small world"?

That night it got pretty chilly, so a lot of people went home. We braved the cold and were able to ride quite a few of the kids favorite rides again. Evan insted I ride a horse this time on the carousel. Let me tell you that was quite a feat heaving my big preganat body up to straddle that horse!

On Day 3 we went to California Adventure for the first part of the day then went back over to Disneyland. Here are me and the kids waiting in line for one of the Bugs Life rides.

I love this picture of Emma - doesn't she look like she is having so much fun? (we are on the Lady bug ride that a lot like the tea cups)

Here are the kids with their 3D glasses ready to go on the Toy Story ride at California Adventure (which by the way was such a fun ride!)

And finally here are Shon and the kids on the pier at California Adventure.

So there's our trip wrapped into a few pictures. I know it seems like a lot but its quite a feat narrowing down 230 pictures to the few that I posted! Hope you enjoy Alaina and Kara! Oh by the way - I am sure I spelled many things wrong but my friend, the spellcheck button is just not feeling that well right now and decided to take a break. Sorry.


  1. YAY! YAY! YAY! I loved it. The pictures are so cute. The ones from the beach could be blown up and hung on a wall they're so adorable. I can't wait to take my kidos there in the fall when Josh is home. Love you.

  2. That looks like so much fun!! It's always nice to get away on a family vacation! Your kids are so cute. Addi still talks about Parker sometimes. I think she misses all of her friends because they're all in the other primary class this year.

  3. Yay! What a fun trip! I have been wondering about you - :) which I need to update my blog too so yeah I am one to talk - ha ha Anyway, your family looks great and you are a very cute pregnant mommy :) Miss you guys, can't wait for your new little guy to come! Aloha!

  4. You have way more readers than 2! What a fantastic trip!!!


  6. What a fun vacation! Great pictures! Your kids are just so cute. We have loved being your neighbors,my kids will miss your kids,but we're just around the corner! Gosh, I can't believe you are just about ready to have your baby! I'd love to bring you a dinner after!

  7. I would say that you have more than two readers. I loved your pictures, and the ones on the beach are priceless.

  8. i was SUPER excited to see new pics :) i honestly cannot believe a)how big your kids are b) how cute your belly is c) how cute your WHOLE family is!
    i am so excited to take emersyn to disneyland. whenever we see commercials of it i hold her up to the tv and tell that is where we are going when she gets a little bigger ;) i second alaina- the beach pics are a-mazing! you are a trooper to take 3 kids and a husband to disneyland while you're prego:)!

  9. That looks so fun! Your kids are perfect ages! They are getting so big- I hardly recognize Even! Glad you had fun!

    p.s.- I love the dripping ice cream cone- classic!

  10. Wow look at this nine readers! :) I love the pictures. So cute. Still love the one of you on the horse! Love you!

  11. Breeana you look awesome! and only one more month to go! I love Disneyland and the beach!! Looks like you guys had fun! Love you!

  12. It looks like you guys were having a blast. I agree Disney land is a childs heaven. It has been a long time since we have seen you guys. We need to get together.