Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it okay to blog about something that happened 3 weeks ago?

I have been totally slacking on the blogging thing, in fact I have a list of things I need to blog about. Three weeks ago my sisters and I threw a surprise birthday party for my mom. It was her 50th and we were all quite proud that we actually put something of that spectrum together. Usually Mom is the one that does that sort of thing! She has mentioned it on her blog, which was great but I have a few more picture I thought I would post from that night (not to take away from her or anything). We love you so, so much mom. You honestly bless our lives in so many ways each and every day! Happy late birthday (again) and yes, I will finish the video and scrapbook one of these days!

Here's mom and dad when they walked in on the surprise

Here is my beautiful mom - doesn't she look absolutely beautiful - especially for 50!

Mom and I

Mom and Parker blowing out the candles on her fabulous Scrabble cake

Mom and Dad

A shot of the whole event

I just had to throw in this adorable picture of Evan taken that night


  1. Wasn't that such a fun night? Wow, how time flies!

  2. Thank you so much again! It was a wonderful time and I still have such sweet memories when I look at the pictures. I have done parties like this I KNOW how much work it took; I will always remember you all scurrying around during the party being hostesses. What a great job you did in dreaming up, planning and carrying out such an event--especially on the sly! I love you. Hey, should I be nervous about not being a private blog?

  3. That cake is awesome! What a fun party!

  4. Thanks for postin those bree very cute pics. I was so much fun!

  5. Wow, your Mom does look sooo dang beautiful!!! Annalee, I just love you! Congrats on the big day!!! Looks like a big hit.