Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July Fun

Alright, so I know I am slacking on this blogging thing. So better late than never right? Last week, over the fourth of July weekend we went camping. We had so much fun. My kids had been looking forward to this for weeks and it lived up to all we had expected. I love getting away and spending time with family. Here are some of the pictures from our adventure.

Grandpa and Parker heading out for a four wheeler ride

Shon, Emma and Evan on the four wheeler

Me and Evie

Heber, Parker and Keldin fishing in the stream

Keldin and Parker walking through the woods with their walking sticks

Grammie and Grandpa with all the grandkids (minus Daynie who was sleeping)

Emma and Grandpa by the camp fire
We got home on Saturday night and I had a day to get the laundry, house and food in order so Shon and I could leave on Monday morning. He taught EFY in Oregon so I accompanied him and we left the kids in the very capable hand of my sister (thanks Jen). We had a great time, Once I got away. Leaving the kids is so hard for me. I have never left Evan and he is 21 months old. But it was worth it. Its always good to get away with just you husband. Although we did have another teacher traveling companion that was with us most of the time, but that's another story! It was great hearing Shon teach and driving to the coast. Oregon in beautiful! Shon even found a Tillamook cheese factory that turned out to be pretty interesting! (He loves cheese). Unfortunately we didn't bring the camera (too big) so we don't have pictures for now, but they will be emailed to us later, so if I remember I will post them.


  1. The pictures turned out very cute! I'm glad that you guys had a good time at EFY, I had no idea they had that in oregon, learn something new every day. Love ya!

  2. Hey girl! I'm glad you finally posted again! I've been missing you! :)

  3. it is nice to see something from you again. i miss camping with your family...and i will never forget the ride with your dad when i got sunburned and swelled.

  4. Sounds like fun, both your camping trip and the trip to Oregon.

  5. Don't you just love the summertime? Camping is the best! Looks like you have a fun family!

  6. FINE! FINE! YOU WIN! I deleted it... don't you ignore me... Or else I just won't come to your house on thursday....

  7. It sounds like you have been having a super fun summer! Love the pictures.

  8. I haven't been on in quite a while since I have looked at your blog. The pictures are so cute. It was a great time. This is my favorite campout. I like just having family. Its great fun. I love you.

  9. All of it was fun fun i am glad you guys had a great time!