Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This last week three wonderful people in my lives celebrated their birthday's! Happy Birthday to Jenna, Amy, and Alisha!

What can I say about Jenna? She is the humorous heart of the Mickelsen family. She is the one who, regardless of the situation, can get us all laughing. She has a child-like laugh and it is contagious! But, along with the humor she has a more compassionate, nurturing side. She is one that will go out of her way to make others feel at home and welcome in any circumstance. In high school, she was always the one who would seek out the lonely and give them a friend that they could turn to in any circumstance. In this way, she is more like our wonderful parents than we all are. Last but not least, what a fabulous mother and wife she is! Daynie and Lafe always come first, and you can see the love in her eyes and she speaks of them and interacts with them. Happy Birthday little sis, we love you so much!

Amy, Shon's sister is one woman I have always admired. She is definition of what a great mother should be. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if I opened up the dictionary under mother, and found her picture there. Her patience is never ending and her love for her children flows into what she says and how she acts. It is very apparent that her family is first in her life. Amy never complains. In all the years that I have known her, I have not heard one complaint leave her lips. Her husband is bishop, which requires an immense amount of time away from home. Even when that subject is brought up, she smiles and relates the many blessing she has. In fact, as Shon was called to the bishopric earlier this year, her example gave me the resolve to make a new resolution to never complain about the time he spends away from home. Amy has always made me feel welcome in the Hawkes family and I know I have a sister and friend when I need one. We love you Amy!

And finally Alisha. Alisha and I have had a long friendship, which I am so grateful for. We have seen marriages, moves, job losses and gains, the births of our children and many more life changing experiences. Through the good times and bad, her friendship and care has remained constant. Alisha is a calm and peaceful person to be around and puts all at ease. A friend of ours and I joke frequently that she is super-mom. And maybe its not such a joke. Her outlook on life is optimistic and encouraging. We love ya Lish, thanks for being such a good friend!

I hope all three of you wonderful women had a fabulous birthday! We love you all so much!


  1. I love it! Just to show you how much were alike, I tried that background before this one! Your amazing! Love you!

  2. Oh bree you took my breath away! Sometimes the best gift that can be giving is just words.. And the words that you spoke reminded me of who I want to be and try to be better and better. thank you bree i will keep that close to my heart.

  3. I just love this blogging thing. I love to read the thoughts that come from the hearts of others. We tend to feel comfortable writing things that are ackward to say. I love all three of these women, and you are right Breeana, they are wonderful, each in their own unique way. Happy Birthday girls!!!

  4. Super cute bree. Love the new background. You are so thoughtful. You are a great sis and friend. Love ya.