Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kids and Breeana

I've made a new goal.  It came from my two older sisters as we were camping at Fishlake last weekend.  I have chosen one day each week to lay in bed with each of my children.  My sisters mentioned that their children live for it.  I find myself telling Emma often that I can't lay with her because I have so much to do.  She really only has 3 years until she is 12 and then the teenage years.  I want to be able to have a good relationship with here when she reaches that age so she can know that I am always there for her in tough times.  Nothing should be more important than at least one day a week to lay by her in bed and talk about anything.  Just so she knows I care.  I'm grateful for two sisters that help me understand what's most important and what matters most.  I want each of my children to know that I care for them.  I want the best for them. 

I was reading Bree's first blog on this site yesterday and noticed that she had dedicated it to me.  I had just been hired to teach seminary.  She was so proud of me and the patience it took to get hired.  I want to dedicate this blog to her.  For the past 3 years that I have been teaching she has shown incredible strength through the moments of me stressing and fretting about what to teach and how to reach the lives of young people.  At times, I have put her and the kids way down low on my priority list as I tried to establish myself as a teacher and the kind of teacher I wanted to become.  Her patience is so incredible and I feel so lucky to have her as my wife.  She has silently been by my side, even though at times I have been running ahead of her leaving her behind.  I wish I knew back then what I know now, that no one is more precious and important than her.  I am so glad she chose me 10 years ago to be her husband.  She could have had anyone, and could have anyone still.  She is the most beautiful, most patient, most selfless, greatest person in my life.  I not only want to dedicate this blog to her, but I want to dedicate my life to making her happy.  The hand of God today has been her.  I certainly don't deserve her, and I'm grateful for God giving me a chance to take care of her and love her.  Breeana, I love you with all my heart!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of the BREEatitudes.

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