Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Visit With Grandpa

On Sunday night we were able to make a special trip to visit with grandpa. He received his bone marrow transplant a few weeks ago, and besides the set back of pneumonia (which is slowly healing) he is doing wonderful. His body is grafting, which means it is accepting the new bone marrow! We are so thankful for uncle Fred for providing the bone marrow and to our Heavenly Father for all the numerous ways he has blessed our dad. Words just are not adequate.

Grammie was nice enough to sit with the kids while Shon and I visited with my dad - it was the first we have seen him since the transplant because we have had one sickness after another and needed to stay away.

Then grandpa got all his "safety gear" on and walked down to the waiting room and said hello to some very excited little ones. We all LOVED it.

And even more good news! He came home today!!

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