Thursday, January 6, 2011

Evan's Preschool Christmas Program

Evan had his little preschool Christmas program about a week before Christmas. Let me just say here that I love his teacher! Mrs. Krissi does such a great job and this program was adorable! All the little ones had a speaking part and they all had lots of songs and poems to perform. Our cute little Evan was definitely the loudest little singer. It was adorable. He was actually the only one I could hear. And he was so serious about it! He did a fantastic job. Here are a few pics from the performance.

I love this picture! Evan is singing as loud as can be and his little friend is looking at him like he is the craziest person on the planet!

As they were singing Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. he really did come! Evan was so excited to sit on his lap, Benson not so much, Park wanted nothing to do with him and Emma was in the middle of a breakdown because she couldn't have a sleepover with her cousins :).

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