Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas 2010

'Better late than never' I believe applies to this post. Christmas was, of course, wonderful. We had some eventful, fun filled days with family. It really is the greatest time of the year. Only 10 more months and we get to start the whole season over again!

As always, Christmas Eve found us at my parents house for Christmas Eve and Birthday festivities for my dad. After a very eventful day of thinking (and panicking and sobbing) we lost our little Santa gift, everything turned out a-okay. Santa actually ended up, in the end, bringing 2 puppies because he thought one had been lost..... It was very stressful to say the least and relaxing at my parents was wonderful. Side note - puppy #2 now has a permanent home with my sister so everything turned out great.

Little Em was feeling too great so she had to wear a mask so she wouldn't pass anything off to grandpa.

Isn't my dad looking so much more healthy and happy?

Christmas morning we woke up to lots and lots of puppy whines and cries. It was the best way to wake up! Emma was so excited, she actually didn't have much interest in her other gifts!

Not too sure about Sasha yet....

A little after lunch time we headed up to Bountiful to spend the day with Shon's family. Can you tell the difference in these 2 pictures? Shon gave me an external flash for Christmas which I absolutely love! It makes all the difference!

Getting ready to open the gifts from grandma and grandpa....

Later that night all the kids who play the piano put on a little recital for everyone. Here is Park.

We also managed to fit in the nativity. Park was a wise man....

who got a little silly and goofy......

Em was an angel, who for some reason is as stiff as a solider.....

(love this flash!)

And Ev ended the night with a quick swim in the hot tub. It was such a wonderful Christmas!

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