Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day 2010

We had a different kind of Labor Day this year. Usually we enjoy the annual family camping trip, but with Dad being in the hospital we decided to venture out to the Y. It was a wonderful idea, that was until we pulled up and realized we forgot the baby carrier. Notice Bens in the picture? He did not want to be restrained at all - no hand holding, carrying or on the shoulder. All he wanted to do was throw rock - forget about advancing up the mountain, he was happy to sit in the same place and it you tried to move him along, you heard about it! So after about a quarter of a mile we were done. I wasn't feeling to well so I took Bens down and we waited for the others. I did capture a few pictures before I left and then Shon was able to take a few up on the Y.

Once again, we have Benson trying to get down......

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