Thursday, September 9, 2010

Haircuts for Grandpa

Tuesday we spent the night with Grandpa. He has been going through some really, really rough chemo therapy and had started to lose his hair. So instead of letting the cancer take that away, he decided to be the one to cut it on his own. We all wanted to show our support so all the boys decided to shave their heads also. I think it made what could have been a traumatizing experience a wonderful family memory that we can all share.

I love his "Here we go face" here as Alaina gets ready to shave his head.

We all had some good laughs that night. Here is Heb doing some movie impression. Love the face.

And Lafe, sporting the "Old Man" look.

And, here are the other boys getting their hair cuts.

My favorite part of the evening was watching my dad. He was so content and outwardly happy as he watched the other boys cutting their hair. It's something I will definitely never forget.

I also loved interactions with the kids. I caught a few of them on camera.

Words are not adequate to express the deep love and emotions we have for you dad. We love you so very, very much. You are such a strength and inspiration to us all.

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