Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hawkes Family Reunion, Days 1 and 2

Last Wednesday we headed up to Flaming Gorge (a little behind schedule, but what's new?).

We stopped at a fun little rest stop on the way up.

As we were driving, I was watching the weather. It's bright and sunny as we leave Salt Lake, a little bit further it starts to get windy, then the clouds roll in and by the time we make it to camp, it's a down pour. The Hawkes family reunions are cursed, I tell ya. Let me just got back a few years to explain.

June 2004 - Strawberry snows
September 2005 - Jet skiing at Pine View, it's so windy tents get blown over and jet skiing just wasn't fun
August 2006 - Lava Hot Springs, rafting down the river it starts to rain, which quickly turns to hail. We all had to take shelter under rocks and tubes for a good hour.
Skip a few years while the reunion was put on hold....
August 2009 McCall Idaho, after driving 8 hours to go boating for a few day, it rains the entire time. I had a 2 month old baby in a tent and during the trip I got the flu (that one was the worst).

And that brings us to this year. I was not going to have it. After throwing a fit and Shon telling me there was really nothing he could do about (I can be so irrational some times), I calmed down. It cleared up for us to get our tent set up and then it didn't rain the whole night. So the next morning we left Benson with Shon's sisters and we took the kids, along with some other family members and headed to the Green River to raft down it.

20 minutes into our adventure it starts to sprinkle and another 20 minutes after that we are paddling as hard as we can to find shelter. We found some under a rock, which we waited under.

And waited, and waited, and waited.

Finally we decided it wasn't going to let up. So for the next hour and a half we paddled through the cold and rain. Evan kept himself warm while he and his cousin Maura sang their little hearts out.

Parker sat between my legs under a soaking wet (literally you could have rung it out) towel and Emma shivered the whole way down.

Shon enjoyed the scenery, (or thought it would be hilarious if he appeared to be in heavenly bliss as he paddles along...His face is quite funny in this :))

All in all, it made for a great story. It cleared up a few hours later, so we took the kids to do a little fishing before it got dark.

The kiddos with their cousin, Sarah

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