Friday, June 11, 2010

Pony Express Days Carnival

Last week, as I have mentioned before was our annual Pony Express Days. This is one of my favorite parts of summer. Our city seams to go all out with activities that are fun for everyone. Eagle Mountain is great that way, even if we do need a passport to come out here (as Shon's family frequently reminds me...I really do love living here.

On Benson's birthday Shon took the day off and we went to the Carnival with the kids. Although they are terrified of anything with speed or height (what does that leave right?) they still had a great time. I tried to force Emma onto one of the the rides (it was only the Ferris wheel for heaven sake!) but I had her in complete hysteria. I KNOW if she would have gone on that and those giant swing type things she would have loved it! She did the same thing in Disneyland and we forced her to go on Indiana Jones and, lo and behold, it was her favorite ride. Oh well, maybe next year! So she used all her tickets on a slide obstacle course thingy. Gotta love paying $9 to go on a slide. The other boys rode around and around (and around) on some boats and motorcycles. Have you ever wondered how may germs are on those rides? And don't even get me started about the carnival workers....

Evan tumbling at the end of the potato sack slide....

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